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Forget everything that others told you. Find the perfect life partner that you know you deserve who has rejected the Covid vaccinations so you can be assured safety and the best health together.




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Find your life partner here at Unjabbed Dating.  We will help you find your soulmate so that you will never have to date again.  Forget the hassle of using mainstream dating apps censoring you for being unvaccinated. 



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You are not a random person of our dating community, but our family member. Join us today and immediately you’ll experience what you’ve been missing.
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Sun City, Arizona, United States

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Alabama, United States

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New Zealand

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

50 year old Woman from
Brighton, England, United Kingdom

63 year old Woman from
Helena, Montana, United States

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Hengchun, Taiwan

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Barnet, England, United Kingdom

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Oxford, England, United Kingdom

47 year old Man from
London, England, United Kingdom


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Love the experience

The experience has been amazing and continues to be incredible. This site has helped me match with interesting people and how well-managed this dating website is.

Jeannie Lee

Met the love of my life

I was on the verge of giving up hope of finding my love, yet a tiny glimmer was still there. That tiny glimmer brought me here and it was worth it. I met my love here and I can’t imagine anybody better.

Jack Richard

Fantastic dating website

Unjabbed Dating is by far my favourite of all the sites I've tried, and it's where I've had the most success. It provides possibilities that other sites do not, such as Tinder, Hinge etc don't in finding an unvaccinated partner.

Lisa Stoner

One of the best sites I’ve known

The price is great. There is a lot of site that try and do this but they wanna feed off your bank. I found some really great people here. The quality is top notch-undoubtedly!

Lucas Morgan

How it Works?

It’s quite easy and exiciting to get a match for yourself from Unjabbed Dating. You just focus on your pickup lines, we will get your perfect matches.

Unjabbed Dating is THE only dating site specifically for the unvaccinated. Giving you the platform to connect and socialise on.



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Hi I’m Lewis.  Founder of  With a background in cyber security and passionate about medical freedom I created this site to help the unvaccinated connect. P.S I’m on the platform.  

We are the only dedicated website to helping the unvaccinated connect.  Join our website today to start messaging people and making real connections for just £5 per month.

The unvaccinated have been discriminated against, punished and discriminated against by employers, businesses, shops and governments during the Covid 19 pandemic.  It is part of this website’s mission to help connect the previously punished unvaccinated people of this world, as we believe socialising shouldn’t be expensive.

Join us today to find out what you have been missing out on and please share with friends and family who are looking for their special someone.